Products On Offer

Towing Devices

Development, manufacture, installation and sale European approved towing devices of the brands ŠEŠKO and WESTFALIA.

Bicycle Racks

We manufacture a non-foldable rack for 3 bikes and FOLDABLE bike racks. Bike racks have the possibility to be lowered (function, which enables opening the trunk even when the bikes are on the rack).


We manufacture fully galvanized trailers with torsion suspension. You can choose among cargo trailers - hopper - (Programme Neptun, Niewiadow) - with impact brake, - two axles, trailers for transportation of ATVs, smaller tractors, lawn mowers, sleds, boat trailers, motorcycle trailers.

Products Made to Order

Forged Products
We manufacture forged garden, balcony and stairway fences, window grilles, roofs, single wing or double wing doors, sliding doors, wall and garden lights and chandeliers, door knobs, bolts and hinges for doors and fittings for old furniture, candle holders, doors for open fireplaces and racks, as well as numerous other forged products according to your taste.

Horse Equipment
Based on long years of experience in horse breeding and training, and the production of horse equipment, we developed the best possible horse accommodation products. We manufacture free standing prefabricated horse boxes, indoor boxes made to measure for all kinds of existing barns, a horse training device to keep horses at the necessary fitness level, training straightener.