About the Company

The family company ŠEŠKO, d.o.o. stems from the crafts activities of Jože Šeško with a tradition beginning in 1938, when he began to produce forged items - back then mostly carts, carriages and shoeing of horses.

The basic activity of the company nowadays is the development, production, sale and installation of towing device for personal and lighter cargo vehicles, but we also deal in the production of various freely forged products, such as forged garden, balcony and stairway fences, window grilles, roofs, single wing or double wing doors, sliding doors, wall and garden lights and chandeliers, doorknobs, bolts and hinges for doors and fittings for old furniture and crates, candle holders, doors for open fireplaces and racks, and various forged products according to your taste.

From 1999 we have been certified with the ISO 9001:1994 standard, and from 2009 we ensure quality according to the new standard ISO 9001:2008.

The company is small but thus flexible and adaptable to changes in the market. Our distinguishing point is mutual help and joint problem solving.

The activity we deal in does not allow for errors, so we direct our efforts into the prevention of errors and, if they do appear, we prevent their recurrence.

We are proud of our history and products, which our company has already offered on the market. From this tradition, we derive experience for constant progress in terms of quality, as we are aware, that everything we do is never so good that it couldn't be even better.



Šeško, d.o.o.
Socka 33
3203 Nova Cerkev

T: +386 3 78 18 180
F: +386 3 57 78 282
M: +386 41 382 935
E: sesko.doo@siol.net 
I: www.sesko.si